Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Your shopping and use of Tasmem means your acceptance of the terms and conditions posted on the Site.

General Information
The application process will be through the site to open an account and if you encounter any problem in the registration please contact us through the contact us page.
We can not accept applications with aliases or symbols. In order for the application to be completed, the name must be written correctly in order to facilitate communication with the client and delivery of the request through the shipping companies.
Delay in transferring or confirming the amount may lead to cancellation of the order or delayed arrival to you, as some products may not be available in large quantities, please if you have difficulties in transferring the amount to be contacted so that we hold your goods for a period not exceeding 3 Days from the date of request.
Details of products and services on the Store are not warranted as to the availability of the product, offers or prices.
All information provided by you must be correct such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail to make it easier for us and the courier delivery speed to communicate with you.
Delay in receipt of the shipment within one week from the date of arrival in your city to return to the store and if the customer wants to recharging, the customer shall bear the cost of returning the shipment and the cost of shipping again.
You must agree to the terms and conditions of use of the site in order to be easily logged in.

Replacement and Retrieval
According to the terms and conditions of use Customer is entitled to request replacement of products in the event that it reaches other products other than its request or products in which the printing defect is defective and other products are sent to him with the same request and shipping address.
The customer can cancel the application in case of cancellation within 3 hours from the time of execution of the request, and then can not change the request after the completion of the process can not be replaced and retrieval.
Because our products are manufacturing and printing, the order can not be changed after the completion of the process after 3 hours from the time of application and can not be replaced and retrieved.
Orders will be executed before 12 noon in a maximum of 48 hours, and will be kept as per the details of each individual request. The customer will be notified if his or her order will take longer than the specified time. Part of the publications.

It is delivered through Zajel and Aramex companies
We deliver the printed materials through the approved shipping companies whose names and logos are indicated and which is the third party in the process. The customer is entitled to request the tracking number for the shipment.
Delivery times mentioned in the table are estimated times. May be affected by involuntary factors that are not subject to legal accountability for bad weather, malfunction of machinery, malfunction of vehicles, lack of required materials or delay of transport company.
Estimated delivery time is 3-5 working days maximum.
All prints are packaged and sent in good condition, so the customer must make sure that there is no damage that may occur during the transport process as well as confirm the policy before signing.
If the customer has entered the wrong place and the request has been sent, he / she will not have the right to request that the request be resubmitted.
In the event that the customer does not respond to or does not respond to the shipping companies, he is not entitled to claim his shipments again after 24 hours of contact with the companies and the site of Dow Brent is not responsible for the return of applications again.
My design is not responsible for the products in the case of delay in the receipt after a maximum of 3 days from the date of the request.

General Terms
It is the responsibility of the customer to verify his products before receiving them and leaving the branch. In the event of an error, my designee may decide to correct the mistake or reprint or refund the amount.
My design disclaims any indirect loss or loss to the third party for any reason, if there is a defect in the products for any reason including negligence, a specific design responsibility to correct the error (if any).
We convert design colors to CMYK except as noted by the customer. My design does not bear any undesirable results if we do not agree to print special colors.
Provide the design of payment by credit card or payment service or PayPal, which guarantees the customer complete confidentiality during the payment, and available direct bank transfer service.
My design is entitled to change the prices without any warning and this condition does not apply to the applications being executed.
Inquiries will be answered during business days from 9 am to 5 pm Otherwise, inquiries will be answered on the next business day.
My design is concerned with the confidentiality of information in general, except in some cases beyond our control. In any case, the customer is not entitled to file a complaint or claim or to be fined.
Please carefully review the designs and files carefully before correcting the application. My design does not preview files designed by the client before processing. If files or designs are found to be in violation of regulations, they will be reported to the authorities.